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DAMAN Annual Report 2021

Date: February 23, 2022

The Annual Report is now available on the link below: DAMAN Annual Report 2021

TV Interview with Mr. Judeh Jamal- DAMAN Executive Manager

Date: December 2, 2021


Who are we

DAMAN for SME’s is a non-profit company for the Credit Guarantee Scheme registered in Ramallah in the Palestinian Territories under the Palestinian law..  It is a partnership between the Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD), the Palestinian Business women’s Association (ASALA), International Solidarity for Development and Investment (SIDI)- France.  New Vision Consultancy acts as the management wing for the company.

Our Founders

Our Partners

What do we do

DAMAN for SME’s seeks to provide insurance coverage for highly vulnerable borrowers of ACAD and ASALA as a form of re-financing to encourage borrowers. Coverage will be only in the form of paying the loan outstanding balance to ACAD and ASALA on behalf of the borrower without compensating the interest or fees on loans. The following is the general claim eligibility criteria (supporting documents must be provided to meet specific conditions for eligibility)


Borrowers who are impacted due to restrictions on trade to the local market or exports to Israel or abroad

Borrower and /or first degree relative which contribute to the family income or working in the financed project killed by Israeli army causing a direct impact on borrowers repayment capacity

Project initiated by the entrepreneur destroyed totally or partially by Israeli occupation

Entrepreneurs jailed for political reasons (6) months or more

Long term curfew (occurring after loan extension) affecting production process for period longer than (1) month or affected the sale of the product(s)

Confiscation of land related to the project


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