Success Stories

Jamal Motawe’ Ghoubon

Date: September 30, 2016

Family :8 children.
Location: Bureij Camp, Gaza
Loan amount: 5,000 USD

Jamal  is a taxi driver, he was granted a loan in the amount of 5,000$ in 2013 to purchase a taxi. Jamal lived in Al-Bureij refugee camp in the Eastern region of the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, his house was directly targeted by the F16 aircrafts with highly explosive missiles, in which his home was completely destroyed. Five minutes before the house was bombed, Jamal’s family was warned by missile’ drones ‘warning to vacate their home; quickly they vacated their home without taking anything (including the refinanced taxi), and fled to one of the UNRWA’s schools. The family stayed at the UNRWA school for more than one month even after the ceasefire.