Success Stories

Amal M. Abu Odeh

Date: September 30, 2016

Family: 7 Children
Location: Beit Hanoun, Gaza
Amount: $500 USD

Amal is 47 years old. Her husband
construction worker, who also employs his three sons,

was forced to stop working because of the lack of construction supplies since more than a year, this made Amal’s project the main source of income for the family. Amal was granted a $500 USD loan to start grocery store project under her house to generate income that can help supporting her family.
During the aggression on Gaza last July, her house was directly targeted by F16 fighter jets and as a result was totally destroyed, it was a 3-storey building. Amal’s family and her sons families were living ( a total of 20 persons) in the house, during the war they moved to UN schools, now they are living with her family.