Success Stories

Mahmoud Hasan Ahmad Zbeidat

Date: October 8, 2020

Beneficiary Mahmoud Hassan Ahmed Zubeidat, from Zubeidat / Jericho, works as a farmer who lives in Malak’s house; Married with two sons, he works and his wife works on the project; He owns a plastic house and agricultural land with an area of ​​7 dunums and has worked with his father for nearly 6 years and has sufficient experience in the field of agriculture; And the beneficiary has a bachelor’s degree and works in the field of vegetable cultivation (cucumbers; beans).
The beneficiary owned 1 dunum of plastic houses in the village of Zubeidat, and the beneficiary worked on building 1 dunum by obtaining funding from the countryside for financing in the amount of $ 3500, and this project increased the family’s income and also provided the hands of his worker. The beneficiary closed the existing loan before the repayment date, noting that the value of the seasonal income in the first financing was 15,000 shekels per acre.
After the success of the project and the provision of a main source of income for the family to meet the monthly obligations, he offered to obtain another financing from the countryside of Islamic financing to build 1 dunum of another greenhouse to expand his existing project, improve the living situation and increase the family’s income, since this income is the main income of the family and he obtained the required financing Where he was granted a loan of $ 8,000 also in order to develop his project and complete the cultivation of cucumbers and beans. The project is considered successful and meets the needs of the local market and contributes to providing food security at the household and public level, as the project’s products are sold and marketed to Palestine’s internal markets (the local market) with a seasonal income. With a value of 15,000 shekels, meaning that his seasonal income, after obtaining the financing, became 30,000 shekels, and approximately 8 family members (3 women and 5 men) work on the project.
Through the aforementioned project, all family members have university degrees and some of them work in the education sector in addition to their work in the field of agriculture, as agriculture helped them meet their full needs and obligations of water, electricity and all expenses, and also helped them buy lands in the Jordan Valley and Talluzah areas to invest in them from During the cultivation of olive seedlings in it; An agricultural tractor was purchased and internet service was provided in the region.